Ann Arbor Subway Map

Finally, a beautiful way to navigate the complicated Ann Arbor subway system - in a glossy, 30" by 20" poster format!

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That's so cool! ...wait, Ann Arbor has a subway?

Well, no, it does not. This is a speculative Ann Arbor subway map. The locations are real and signficant. The map is both geographically-inspired (the locations are roughly correct) and partially thematically-inspired (neighboring stations, or stations on a given subway line, by and large have a theme). But it is completely pretend.

How did you get this idea?

When we lived in Tokyo, we used the subway and Japan Railway systems extensively, and developed a deep appreciation for how rail map designers conveyed the complexities of the city in a way that was simultaneously informative, concise, and beautiful. Those maps in Tokyo became expressions of possibilities and adventures. Nearly every weekend, we would identify a place on the map we knew nothing about, and just go there. Sometimes we would discover a new park, a wonderful restaurant, an interesting shop, or perhaps just an encounter with some beautiful architecture.

We wanted to capture that essence for our adopted home of Ann Arbor - where we have lived now for more than a decade. We made one to hang on our wall at home, and when a couple of our friends saw it, they remarked, "You know, I bet you could sell that." And we thought, "Hey, that sounds like it's worth a shot!" And so here we are.

What's the actual poster look like?

It's 20 by 30 inches in size, printed on glossy paper stock. Here's one hanging on our wall:

Frame is not included.

Cool! How do I get one?

You can buy a poster by going to our Redbubble page. Click the button below to go there:

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If you are not satisfied with your Ann Arbor Subway Map poster for any reason, Redbubble can issue a refund in full.

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